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Tips on buying second hand damaged iphone 5

The Apple iPhone 5 is a wonderful smartphone. In case you are planning to buy a damaged iphone 5, make sure that the processor of the phone is intact. Without that, the phone will not work. Check if the damages are minor or major. Minor scratches are all right. However, there should be no damage to the camera sensor or the display. It is better to buy a damaged iphone 5 that used a screen guard. Check the speakers. Open the back panel and check the battery

I Phone 5S

Torquay In excellent cosmetic condition. # # broken faulty damaged icloud locked iphones wanted # # iphone 4 4s 5 5c - we dont currently buy 5s sorry. Bought to fix up but didn't get round to it. All I know is that it will not switch on...

3 x Iphone 5S all 16gb (iCloud Is Enabled)

Denmark Selling 3 iPhone 5S with 16gb storage They are all iCloud enabled on them, and is sold as is and only for parts! No returns. Phone 5 16gb black for sale. will be accepted so please be sure that you wanna buy before you bid on the...

Iphone 5

Castleford iPhone 5 selling as spare parts not working.   The phone may actually still work but I can't tell as the screen won't display anything. Water damaged so not currently working probably suitable for parts but apart from that in good...