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An Army Bergen is a rucksack (backpack) produced for soldiers to carry large supplies of materials on marches. They are extremely functional and sturdy, and have great capacity to carry food, cooking utensils, tent-making supplies, has many pockets and expandable sections, safety belts and loops, a strong carry handle, padded shoulder straps, padded back with an internal frame, sturdy zippers for the various compartments, some of which are removable. There are sections for a torch, binoculars, first-aid kit, axe, and inflatable bedding. It is an extremely versatile bag that can carry a great deal. Be sure that it is in good condition, has all the components and all zippers and movable parts work appropriately

British Army 45 Litre Infantry Bergen Mtp

Bury St. Edmunds Look at photos . . . No damage and spotlessly clean . . . . . Selling for over £500 new on ebay (search for army forces 99l og rucksack bergen); i will not be using this again and will sell for £150. excellent condition. posta...

Army Medic/Paramedic Medical Bergen

Faringdon Army medic/Paramedic medical bergen. Used but in very good condition. British army issue plce turtle back bergen rucksack 40 / 60 litre. a slightly smaller bergen with holdall-style carrying handles and pack-away shoulder straps....

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